Company Profile

    Mannequin Incorporated is a company that specializes in visual merchandise and store display development, creating visual excitement in the retail environment. In 2004, inspired by a new vision where modernized, edgier visual merchandise and fashion meet, company president Mr. Saymour  Go founded Mannequin Incorporated in Manila – one of the most dynamic fashion centers of the world. With extensive research on the industry and market study, he gathered a team of reliable suppliers and male fashion forward, modern, creative innovations, thus infusing a new wave of freshness and vitality to the old visual merchandise industry. The country’s fashion movers, insiders and designers immediately took notice and market was receptive.

At present, Mannequin Incorporated is one of the leading companies in the visual merchandise industry and continues to grow with the following product lines:

  • Fiber Glass Mannequin – male, female, infants, toddlers, kids, full body, torso, half - body.
  • Unbreakable Mannequin – male, female, kids, torso, half - body.
  • Dress Forms - male, female, infants, toddlers, kids, full body, half - body.
  • Hangers – wood, plastic, metal.
  • Accessory holders – jewelry, fashion accessories.
  • Display Racks & Bargain Bins
  • Shopping bags – paper bags, plastic bags, garment.
  • Labels
  • Hangtags
  • Rotating Base

   Mannequin Incorporated aims to become the country’s market leader in visual merchandise and extends our reach to more countries – be part with the other display windows of the world’s greatest fashion capitals.

   It is committed to provide its clients with more creative, sophisticated and exciting design solution, options, reasonably – priced and vast selection of high quality display products.

   Our goals is to help our clients uphold its respectable image, increase its merchandise visibility, marketability and profit through our products. We strive, satisfy and support our clients with excellence, integrity and premier quality.